With close to one hundred guests attending, our 25th anniversary celebration was held in conjunction with our 2008 Annual General Meeting on 19th October 2008 at the Galaxy Restaurant. At the meeting, the general members confirmed the incoming Directors and the newly elected Board convened to re-elect David Wong to another term of office as President. Sumptuous dinner was served after the business part of the evening was over. During the dinner, we were treated to a video recording of Mr Wilson Hsueh’s performance and the newsreel of the actual TV broadcast of the 1999 WYK Diamond Jubilee celebration. Members of the classes 1968 and 1978 were honoured with souvenirs and so was Don Yau who travelled all the way from Calgary to join us. Mr. Anthony Ho gave a very witty roast of all our Presidents, from Raymond Kwong to David Wong. This was followed by Mr. Tam’s speech on his "Cradle of Chinese Ink Movement" exhibition. Many purchased or pre-ordered his ink painting movement book, which will raise fund for the upcoming exhibition. Its net proceed will be donated to Wah Yan. Finally, an urgent appeal letter from Principal So was read and over 3,010 dollars were raised for Wahyanite Cheung Chung Pan’s lymph-oedema treatment. (Another C$1,600.00 was raised at WYCHKOAA AGM on November 1.)

More AGM photos can be found in the WYKAAO Album.