Fr. Coghlan

(May 9th) The alumni associations of WYHK and WYK in Ontario jointly hosted a dinner gathering with Fr. Coghlan who is visiting Toronto. Click here to see more pictures taken by Andrew Tang (65).
In the evening, we sat at 3 tables chatting happily.  When the first two dishes had been properly tabled, we asked Fr. Coghlan to say grace.  At the end, we all said Amen.  Immediately lights in the room went out.  We waited and waited.  There was no light.  The management provided two candles for each table.  We had our candle light dinner and continued chatting.  Time passed.  No more food was served and we were told the kitchen was in complete darkness.  The management then came up with a solution and said 3 tables had been arranged at another restaurant within 10-minute drive so that we could continue our happy dinner.
We were in high spirit and enjoyed our ride in the breezy evening.  We arrived at the appointed restaurant only to find a reservation for 3 people was phoned in, not for three tables.  To cut the story short, we did have a great time at meal and we parted in good spirit.
Wah Yan alumni have now decided to have another dinner with Father at another restaurant, 富臨門 (Victoria Park/McNicoll) at 7:00PM, on Monday, May 13, before chauffeuring him to the airport for his scheduled Cathay Pacific flight.  To attend, please reply by email before noon on May 13.  Thank you.