Mr. Ho

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our most respected vice principal and WYKAAO advisor Mr Anthony Ho on the 8th of November 2018 in Toronto. He was 83. May he rest in peace! The following are the funeral arrangements:

with Prayer and Eulogy service at 7pm
November 16 (Friday) 6pm – 9pm
Jerrett Funeral Home
6191 Yonge Street
North York, Ontario

Funeral Mass
November 17 (Saturday) 10am – 11am
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
3526 Sheppard Avenue East
Scarborough, Ontario

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- remembering Ho Sir in poems

(Frank Hon Sing Wen ’73) When I thought of WYK, Mr. Ho came into mind. He was our vice principal, strict but fair. I was glad to have a chance to speak to him about the good old days when he visited Los Angeles a few years back. Mr Ho, may you RIP and thank you for your leadership, hard work and dedications.

(Dunson Cheng) I don't know Ho Sir that well. I don't think that I had even attended one of his classes. However, with the outpouring of remembrances, prayers and gratitude at his passing, it says again being a beloved teacher is such an esteemed profession.

(Bob Shen 沈長康 '62) Yesterday Once More, good song to remember him by: our beloved Ho Sir.

(Philip Lee '60) Philip and Anita Lee along with their family will miss this kind man. He was loved and respected by us and by so many more. Rest In Peace, Mr. Ho.

(Benjamin Pak Ping Chen '72) Mr. Ho was a cornerstone in my formative years, he was strict but fair, had a huge influence on who I am today. He will always be in  our memory!

(Wong Hin-Shing '61) "Ho Sir in Memoriam", click here to read the article.

(Yu Fong-Ying '61) "Remembering Mr Anthony Ho, a Great Educator", click here to read the article.

(陳瑞文 '71) 《Ho Sir's Last Class》, 《與何副校長一次會面改變我的一生》, click the title to read the article.

(Vincent P Lee '65) Ho Sir was my Group Scout Master for 7 years (and for life) at WYK. He taught me how to be a good scout, and be a good person..... Will miss him and his gentle smile.

(Wong Hin-Shing '61) "WYK to Mr. Ho, Our Beloved Teacher", a video slideshow put together by Hin-Shing Wong and Yu Fong-Ying, both from Class of '61

(鄧偉燊 '65) 《我的啓蒙老師》, click here to read the article.

(Teddy Cheung '00) It’s a huge loss to each of us.

(Philip Kwok '68) May he rest in peace in God 's embrace

(蔡惠海 '78) 懷念副校长,願他安息!??

(Leonard Tsang '58) Our thoughts and prayers will be with Mr. Ho. May he rest in peace.

(Rose, wife of John Ho '65) "Always in My Heart and Mind", click here to read the article.

(Daniel Ho '67) I am fortunate to have Mr. Anthony Ho as my Form Master in Form 2. He was strict but he had good intentions for and cared about his students.  When I met Ho Sir again in his later years in Toronto, it was obvious that he remained humble and personable, and that his heart was still in the WYK boys. It was amazing that he could remember the names of so many of his former WYK students. Mr. Ho will be sadly missed.

(Francis Lai '78) 願副校长的靈魂得以安息

(Edward M. Chung '67) Mr. Ho was my form-master (Form 2A) upon his return from UK in 1963. He taught us both English and mathematics subjects. From him I learned how to use the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary seriously and efficiently! Six years ago, I had a good chat with him during a reunion of WYK '67 boys in Toronto. I shall miss him! May he rest in peace! My prayers and thoughts go to his family and loved ones!

(Carmel Tse '75) "In Memory of a Great Teacher", click here to read the article.

(Peter Pang '78) 願我們這一代華仁仔永不忘記何副校的施教?

(David Ho '70) I hope everything is a blessing and pls let Jeff know anything that we can do for Mr Ho had done a lot for us over all these years. My sincere condolences to his family.

(Peter Mak) 願逝者早登極樂,親人節哀保重!

(Dominic Chan '64) It’s sad to know that Ho sir has passed away. Ho sir never taught me in WYK. I wish he did and I would have been a better person. May his soul rest in peace and for sure he’s in a better place now that he deserves.

My deepest condolences.

(Frank Wong Shing Hang '17) Although I cannot be Mr Ho's student during his years of teaching, I am grateful for his kind words and hospitality during my visit (as the ambassador of WYK) to Ontario Chapter in August 2016. His dedication to Wah Yan community will be remembered.

May Ho Sir rest in peace.

(Joseph C Wong '67) It is hard to believe it has been over 35 years that Mr Ho and I got reconnected in the early 80's when he established WYKAAO. He left us for a while to attend to his own school. But the year he retired, he helped us to rebuild WYKAAO, rescued us when we were in shambles. Mr Ho has laid the foundation for WYKAAO to continue its success and carry out the good work of Mr Ho. I'll always remember you. Rest in peace in the happiness of God's presence.

(Esmond Shum '78) Shocking sad news... ?

(William WL Lai '78) 永遠懷念 何副校長!?

(Henry Ku '56) It is devastating, sad beyond words. I left the school long before he became Vice Principal. We met through Scouting. He gave me encouragement and guidance when I started sending him my scribbling— stories and poems. Without him, I would not have continued.

May he rest in God’s presence.

(James CN Chan) Sad ? sad indeed! May 何 sir rest in peace ?