Our condolences go the family of another Wahyanite who had served Hong Kong well.

Lam Po Hon (class of 36) graduated at WYK in the same year as the late Mr. Choy Shing Pang and Mr. Lee Hoi Chow.  He joined the Public Works Department after obtaining his degree at HKU in 1941.  He earned his Master degree in Civil Engineering at Imperial College, University of London in 1951, on government grants.  After receiving his Diploma of Imperial College, he was promoted the Chief Engineer of Kowloon-Canton Railway in 1952.  He became the General Manager of KCR in 1958 and was the first Chinese and the youngest Department Head in the Colony.  KCR was known as a well managed and, at the same time, the only profitable railway in the Commonwealth.  He held the GM position until his retirement in 1975.  He settled in Toronto in 1983.

His two sons, Man-yiu Henry (64) and Man-lai Patrick (67), both attended WYK and so did his son-in-law, Ho Sun-lam Terence (63).

He passed away on July 05 at age 91.

Details of services are here.