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Dear Len,
          I understand that the Tsang sisters will hold a memorial service for Roy on February 25, 2017. They wish that we Cheetahs will write something about Roy so that they can read out the same at the service. Philip has already written something and perhaps you, being our senior member and mentor, will write on our behalves. Kindly consider. With prayers & best regards,
          Peter Lee
Dear Tsang Sisters,
What Len has written perfectly describes the emptiness we all feel with Roy's departure. We miss his flamboyance, his humour and his generosity. We are all richer because he has been a good friend who has given us memories that we can smile about and treasure forever.
Too many other commitments prevent us from attending the tribute to Roy on Feb 25. We wish our few words can convey how deeply we loved him.
Peace and good health,
Michael and Helena
Dear Jennifer, Carla and Margot,
Regrettably we are unable to attend the memorial this weekend, mainly because of my cataract operation tomorrow.
Your parents will always be in our prayers, we miss both of them.
You all take care!
Betty and Gus
Jennifer, Margot and Carla,
Please find attached a letter I wrote to your late Dad. The letter is a summary of his younger days in Hong Kong with respect to his primary school education and his secondary school education. What your Dad experienced was unique and given the environment that surrounded him, he came through with flying colors overcoming all the challenges that almost blocked his career path at one time or another. I hope that the letter will provide a glimpse of how your Dad was growing up as an adolescence and how he found his future despite of adversities. We all had friends outside of this group but destiny brought this group so tightly knit that the fraternal relationship among them is better than some blood related siblings.
If the Tsang sisters find the content of this letter may assist them in delivering a Eulogy, please do not hesitate to use any portions of it on the day you chose to celebrate the life of our brother Roy.  If you think it is appropriate, you may read it all or some portions of it at the ceremony as well.  Attached with the letter is the poster that was included at the Wah Yan International Conference in 2010.  In it, you will find some nice photos of your dad and a celebration of our friendship.