[8/1]‬:Rose and I have been with him every evening from 7:30pm till he sleeps by 8pm.
He is stable and is always in good spirit! He teaches us how to face sickness and death dignified and cheerful!
He is most alert around 11am, but usually long queue outside.

[8/2‪] I brought him a bottle of wine when he was admitted to hospital. He wanted to keep it till the Saint Ignatius Day which was a week away on July 31. He still can count days and recognize visitors by names.
[8/3] ‪He finished a bowl of shark fin soup before attended the mass via Skype.

IMG 20180802 WA0011 IMG 20180804 WA0000 IMG 20180805 WA0003

August 3                                                           August 4                         August 5 - A  biy tired but looks good this morning

IMG 20180807 WA0002 
Fr said Mass on Wednesday, August 8, at 8:45 AM