[Transcript of letter by WHS and YFY, both of '61]
                                                                                    3 Sept, 2015

Dear Hin-Shing,

Many many thanks for the wealth of photos you sent, and especially for your taking so much trouble to give the details of names, years and places of each in your photos - and making clear those who were in that 3D class; finally Mr Ho.  It is good to see he looks so well now that he has reached four score years in age.  My good wishes and kind regards to all.

I think the meeting of the Wah Yan Past this year was held in South America.

I often wonder what profession or occupation, those I had in class, have taken up.

You say you may have a reunion next year here.  I shall see some of you then.  With kind regards,

Seosamh Ó Mealláin Mallin