Dear Friends of Wah Yan,

I am sharing this piece of shocking and saddening news with a heavy heart, that our former colleague, Fr. Lucas Chan, S.J. had passed away unexpectedly yesterday at Marquette University, U.S.A.  Fr. Chan was a lay teacher of our schools in the (1990-1992).

Here is an excerpt from the official communication of the Chinese Province:


We have been informed that Fr. Lúcás CHAN Yiu-sing died after collapsing this morning in Marquette University, U.S., sometime before 10:30 a.m. local time (Tuesday, May 19).

Fr. Lúcás was born in Hong Kong, on June 7, 1968. He entered the Society at Loyola House Jesuit Novitiate, Singapore on Jan. 8, 1993, and was ordained to the priesthood on Aug. 26, 2006 at Hong Kong Cathedral.

Link from Marquette University:…/university-mourns-the-death-o…/

Please kindly relay this message to our alumni who were Fr. Chan's students. More details when available.

Peace, Fr. Chow

[Pioneering Asian theologian in biblical ethics dies at 46.]