Dear Friends of the Jesuit Liberal Arts Project,

You have been our loyal supportive friends for the past years. Your virtual and physical companionship are much valued by us who have been working on the project. Regrettably, we have to inform you that this project will go no further. The decision was made by Fr. General of the Society of Jesus, who is the one overseeing the whole Society. Decision was made after he has consulted in a macro scale, which included our feasibility report, and weighed the pros and cons of different options and models. Although we are very much disappointed by the decision, we have to remind ourselves that our mission is to conduct feasibility studies of the project for the leadership to consider the appropriateness of approval. 

The Jesuits remain committed in our mission of education and intellectual work. Our commitment is clearly manifested in the great amount of various resources invested in the past six years so as to allow serious feasibility studies for the project. We are indebted to all our benefactors, friends and supporters who have contributed so much in different manners, such as spiritual, financial, pro bono services, and services at cost. There is no other way we can repay you but remembering you in our humble prayers.

We ask you not to make further financial contribution to the project but your understanding and prayers will continue to be much appreciated. It has been a meaningful venture and we thank you for having been a part of it!

Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J.
Chairman of the Preparatory Task Force