" ... I went to Shanghai to attend an opening ceremony of an art exhibition by a Hong Kong artist who held his exhibition at a new art gallery in Shanghai.  The artist is Dr Dominic Lam, a Hong Kong Wah Yan 1965 graduate.  He is the Chairman of World Eye Organization, and the inventor of a new form of painting known as 折光畫 or, painting by Chromoskedasic Process.  It is this new form of painting that he is introducing to the Shanghai public.  I believe that more such exhibitions by Hong Kong creative artists held outside Hong Kong will help promote the cultural image of Hong Kong.

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17th Feb was the Chinese Lantern Festival and the Festival celebration in Shanghai continued for a number of days.  It was this Festival that made my short visit to Shanghai a specially colourful one.  Our art exhibition opening ceremony took place in the evening on 18 Feb.  On that day, we had the morning and most of the afternoon free.  We spent the time visiting the Yu Yuan Spring Folklore Lantern Festival site. 

 It was a very big area covering several streets of shops, all housed in Chinese traditional style architecture in the older part of the Shanghai city.  The streets and shop fronts were all decorated with Chinese traditional design patterns together with thousands of lanterns of different sizes and shapes.  Many of the lanterns were very skilfully made in forms of animals and human figures, and they were very well presented.  Some were displayed in form of legendary story sets, such as 仙女散花,老子出關,竹林七賢,八仙過海,福祿寿三星等等 .  The Festival has attracted many visitors, both local and overseas.  So, the place was very, very crowded, even in the day time.  We also took the opportunity to visit the adjacent traditional Yu Yuan Garden (豫園) which is noted for its elegant setting.  There was an exhibition of potted plants (Bonsai) including many blooming prunnus plants in the Garden on the day of our visit. "