The Harbour of DohaEric Li ('95), our Middle East Correspondent, reported from Qatar:

Before the announcement of the hosting country of FIFA2022, I am sure not many of us aware of the State of Qatar. Qatar is a small country and majority of the population are residing in Doha, the capital city of Qatar. Because of the reservation of natural gas and petroleum, Qatar has the highest GDP per capita in 2010. The country is still developing and you will find thousands of construction sites in Doha. Qatari loves sports and they usually offer great deals to sport fans. It's hard to believe I spent only CAD$25 in total for watching 2 semi-finals, double final and the single final of the Qatar Open (Tennis). Tickets for Asian Cup (football) are really inexpensive (from CAD$5 to CAD$25). Food is great here if you are a lamb lover but don't expect you will get any great Chinese cuisine here. Winter is wonderful here but the summer is really hot (close to 50C in the daytime and 40C in the evening + humidity). View pictures here.