This ends the series of China Meets the World.  It is subdivided into 

Culture and Cultures,
The Unjust Past, Lingering Effects,
The Task of Rebuilding,
Forces from Abroad and
The Future

The author, Kong Shui Loon, concludes: "No one knows the future, not tomorrow, the next year, or the next century. But human beings are still time-bound. We are able to look back to the past in order to understand the present and what is to come. I have unveiled the various living dimensions of China and the Chinese in recent history to describe how and why history had proceeded the way it did. If I am allowed to end this series with an optimistic note, I would say that of all the individuals that I had depicted in my writing, there are thousands and thousands like them to come. They will meet the world on their own independent terms, courteously, caringly, and harmoniously, in accordance with THE CHINESE WAY."

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