Mr Laurence Tam writes, "On 2nd May, Sunday, I was invited by the Hong Kong Culture and Leisure Services Department (LCSD) to be the judge of a sand sculpture competition at Shek-O Beach.  Shek-O was chosen, because the sand over there is extraordinary fine.  There had been 12 rounds of competitions before this.  This was the final round in which five of the winning teams who scored the highest points in the earlier competitions were competing.  The winning team in this competition will be representing Hong Kong to take part in the international sand sculpture event to be held in coming August at Kagoshima in Japan.

  Each team had 5 members.  They worked together to complete a sand sculpture inside a designated sand lot on the beach.   The time allowed for completing the sculpture was two hours.  They decided their own theme and subject of the sculpture.  It was most interesting to watch how they worked as a well organized team and treated the sand almost like clay with one member constantly spraying water over the molded sand to keep it moist.  All the five teams were experienced hands and they all managed to complete their own sand sculpture well within the limited time.  Each work had its special characteristics and visually as attractive.  It was quite a challenging job to decide which one was the best.  There were three judges altogether.  I had been acting as a judge in many art competitions, but that was the first time I acted as a judge in sand sculpture competition.  It was quite an experience for me." (Click the pictures for more.)