A member of WYKAAO has offered a batch of Chinese books for sale to our members and friends. Net proceeds will be donated to WYKAAO. A number of copies are availble for the following books:

1. 中國文字 – 草簡源系
2. 認識漢字學漢語
3. 一筆字書法字帖
4. 千字文全篇

Click here if you would like to place orders or want to know more about these books.

1. 中國文字 – 草簡源系 (suggested minimum $80)
2. 認識漢字學漢語 (suggested minimum $50)
3. 一筆字書法字帖 (suggested minimum $30)
4. 千字文全篇 (suggested minimum $75)
Please indicate which book(s) you would like to order and the quantity.
We will follow up with you through e-mail about shipping details and the method of payment.