From Andrew Tang (65), "Peony GardenWhat a surprise of seeing John Tsui (63) and Tony Chan (65) while visiting the Michael and Judi Denny Peony Garden at the Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens (OVBG) on Thursday, the 19th June 2104. Located at 155 Arena Street, it is conveniently situated in close proximity to both the Parkwood Estate and the Oshawa Creek trail.

In 2001, the Canadian Peony Society donated 100 plants from the Wally Gilbert Collection to the project. That contribution led to the official launch of the OVBG. Further donations from peony breeders and suppliers across North America have led to the entire collection flourishing into the largest contemporary collection of peonies in North America. With more than 300 varieties in cultivation, the collection is truly impressive!

The succession of blooms begins in late May and continues through to the last week of June.

Afterwards, we visited the Parkwoord Estate and its gardens. Parkwood was the family home of the McLaughlins from 1917 until 1972. Colonel Robert Samuel McLaughlin was the founder of General Motors. In 1989, Parks Canada designated it a National Historic Site and opened it to the public, as well as naming R.S. McLaughlin a person of significance to Canadian heritage." (see more pictures)