International Students’ Visual Arts Contest-cum-Exhibition of Hong Kong –Photography (HKISAC)2013

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Mr. Laurence Tam makes an effort to write from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, "Attached is information on an international student art event which I took part in its initiation 3 years ago.

I hope you can help to promote this meaningful event by passing the attached information to as many Wahyanites as possible, inviting their children and grand-children as well as those of their relatives and friends, to take part in support of an Art Education Promotion activity.  There is still time for participation. 

Let our children get an experience of taking part in an international event while they are young. 

As this is an event for school students, the intended participants need to show a copy of the attached to their teacher.  They need the support of their school teachers in order to participate.  

I am making an effort to write this to you from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, because this is not just an exhibition opportunity for the works of the children or grandchildren of the Wahyanites. As a matter of fact, just going through the procedure of participation is a valuable education to the participants in practical life.  Besides, it will enhance their interest in the work and ways of thinking of students/people in other parts of the world. Isn't this a very practical way of sowing the seeds of international harmony? 


For more details, please visit website HKISAC at