Alex in HondurasAlex Cheng (’09) recently returned from a volunteer mission in Honduras and sent WYKAAO a thank-you letter,

“I have come back from Honduras!! It was the most AMAZING and MEANINGFUL trip ever!! We built a house for a single mother and her children. I met a lot of nice people from Canada, Honduras and even a student group from Oxford. I would say I am proud of my team because we worked our butts off even though it was like 40 degree, because we just wanted to get as much done as possible (see a video here). Unfortunately four team members got sick, but they recovered pretty soon. I am touched by the helpfulness of the Honduran neighbours because they had been really kind and provide everything we need such as washroom and storage space.

People in Honduras are generally very nice despite having one of the highest crime rates in Central America. Not only I knew more about Honduras and poverty after the trip, but I also learned a lot about Canada because many of my teammates are not from Toronto but the rest of Canada and they had some really unique experience. I feel like I see things differently after the trip and certainly broadened my horizon. But most importantly, I am happy that the family can start a new life and the children can grow up in a better environment.

All the things I mentioned would not be possible without your kindness and generosity. Your help meant a lot to me and to the Honduran family. You have no idea how much impact you made on my life and the people in Honduras. Thank you for being a partner with me in this trip!”