The Initiative

The Wah Yan Global Leadership Program initiative is designed to benefit young university students interested in responsible entrepreneurship and leaders of human excellence. This initiative aims to develop the next generation of socially responsible entrepreneurs and leaders of competence, conscience, compassion and commitment. It will do this by building a learning community where young promising university students and mentors from Wah Yan can engage in meaningful service opportunities together. This will be supported by our Wah Yan international Alumni Network. While participating in the program, these university students will have an obligation to assist our work in serving others through service learning opportunities organized under the program. We will support their journey to human excellence through this innovative entrepreneurship program.

Global Leadership Program for Responsible Entrepreneurship

The dream of Father Deignan is to make Two Wah Yan the center for Academic Excellence and Formation of good Character. This is only possible when there are more leaders of competence, conscience, compassion, and commitment to serving others.

This is an international initiative we're launching to support and develop the next generation of socially responsible entrepreneurs and leaders.

The key objective is to build a learning community where young university students and experienced alumnus leaders from our Wah Yan International Networks are engaged in meaningful service learning opportunities organized under this leadership program. The goal is to form an interactive learning community and for participants to become progressively competent, committed, compassionate, spiritual, and ethically discerning persons with a universal heart contributing to the welfare and happiness of all, particularly the poor and the neglected.

Program Overview
*Entrepreneurial Mindset:* Our alumni mentors with relevant experience will share their insights and strategies for identifying promising business opportunities, evaluating risks, and building sustainable models that create social good. They'll help university students develop an entrepreneurial way of thinking.

*Leadership Development:* Through one-on-one guidance and group sessions, the mentors will work with university students to sharpen their communication abilities, decision-making skills, and problem-solving acumen - equipping them with the skills to serve in leadership roles.

*Community Engagement:* A key goal is to strengthen the connections between our global alumni network and current university students, reinforcing the school's collaborative "One Family" spirit and commitment to making a difference.

*Social Impact:* Ultimately, we want to empower the next generation to become responsible entrepreneurs and leaders of human excellence who can drive positive change in local and global communities.

Program Structure
The program structure includes regular mentorship meetings, workshops/seminars led by industry experts, community service projects, and pitch competitions where university students can get seed funding and ongoing support for their ideas.

Get Involved
If you're an alumnus with entrepreneurial or business leadership experience, we'd love for you to sign up as a mentor and share your expertise to help develop the next generation of servant leaders. And current university students with a passion for entrepreneurship and social responsibility can apply to participate.

To get involved or learn more, reach out to the program coordinator Benny Wan '81 (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to send us a message).

Join Us
This is an exciting global initiative that will have a lasting impact, developing socially conscious leaders and entrepreneurs who are poised to shape a better future by serving others. I encourage you all to consider taking part.


Benny Wan ('81)
Father.Deignan Education Studio
In Association With Supporting Partner Healthy Kids Hong Kong