Dear Alumni of WYK, 

Good morning. I would like to confirm that the School Sponsoring Body and the School Management Committee have received a letter of resignation from Dr. John Tan as Principal of the school due to family reasons. However we are grateful that he is willing to stay on for another year until August 31, 2013 for the Sponsoring Body to identify his successor. Failing to dissuade the Principal from resigning, the Sponsoring Body, i.e., the Society of Jesus, has accepted his decision with regrets. This was followed by the School Management Committee's reluctant endorsement when we met on 12th June, 2012. 

Although another academic year has yet to pass before his departure from our school, I would like to thank John for his determination to improve the quality of teaching and learning as well as character development of students as reflected in the school's major concerns. I believe it is proper to assure our school community that the Sponsoring Body remains appreciative and supportive of John's vision of and commitment to Jesuit education.  

The Sponsoring Body will have to begin the recruitment process in this September or October. It is likely that we will consult our stakeholder groups for the recruitment the qualities of the next principal in light of Jesuit education. We are resolved to recruit a principal who can embrace our Jesuit vision while working with the different stakeholder groups to make it a blessed reality in the school community. 


Fr. Chow
School Supervisor