Fundraising Campaign 2022  Plase follow this link to the web site.
Wah Yan College, Kowloon will be celebrating its Centenary in 2024.  2022 marks the Platinum Jubilee of our Waterloo Road campus.
Encapsulated in the fundraising taglines is our vision of the campaign. As we journey into the next century and beyond, we aspire our future generations to keep serving the greater good with benevolence (as Men for and with Others) and transcend with courage and vision (as Men of Human Excellence) for the betterment of our shared world.
56 Waterloo We CARE We Pledge 鉑禧校園 仁風致遠
仁, as in the school name“華仁”; literally means “benevolence”.
Platinum Jubilee of Waterloo Road Campus
Programme Line-up
Platinum Jubilee Cup
Date: 7 Aug 2022 (Sun)
Tournament Formats:
Adults / Big Boys (aged 13 or above)
Parent-Child (aged 12 or below)

仁風致遠: inspiration drawn from “仁風廣被” & “任重致遠”; 仁心、德澤以布於民; 懷遠大抱負、擔負重任、闖新前景”