Cancellation of the Anniversaries Gala Dinner of 30 Jan 2020
- Standing together against the novel coronavirus

The situation regarding the novel coronavirus (“Wuhan coronavirus”) outbreak in the mainland of China is deteriorating rapidly and Hong Kong has been stepping up measures to contain the spread. The Schools and the Gala Dinner Organizing Committee (OC) have been monitoring the situation closely, conducting negotiations with the HKCEC and discerning the best way forward in the face of this quickly evolving and challenging situation. The large part of the production costs has been incurred because of preparations already done before the Chinese New Year and cannot be salvaged. The HKCEC has also ordered the food and made other preparations. Based on the contract, we are liable to the full dinner cost regardless of whether we go ahead with or cancel the dinner. However, this morning the OC managed to secure from the HKCEC a special deal that if we cancel the event today, we have to forfeit only the deposit paid so we can save about $1.7M not yet paid. The option of postponement is not on the table. In summary, a large amount has been incurred if we cancel the event, but the loss is not total.

After careful deliberation, including a reflection on how we should celebrate our anniversaries in a meaningful way - the way true to our spirit of being “men for and with others” in response to the signs of the time - we have decided to cancel the event on 30 Jan 2020. At this critical juncture in Hong Kong's fight against the coronavirus, we do not want to overburden our medical profession by inadvertently increasing the risk of a community outbreak in Hong Kong.

In terms of refund, given the situation of financial tightening which our alma maters are already facing, we can only commit to a prorated amount after honoring all financial obligations with fees collected. Details of the refund will be made available to participants after all numbers are finalized. When circumstances permit, we shall consider some form of a gathering among alumni (such as a pun choi “盆菜” meal) that is feasible under the various constraints.

We ask for your understanding and support of this extremely difficult decision which takes into account a host of factors, including the values we want to live out as Wahyanites.

Stay healthy, and God bless.

Dr. YL So,
Assistant Supervisor, WYHK and Co-chair of Anniversary Steering Committee
Mr. Warren Chung,
Principal, WYK and Co-chair of Anniversary Steering Committee
Willie Cheng
Executive Chairman of Gala Dinner OC