SOY BadgeStudents of the Year & Student Ambassador Scheme

Initiated in 1987, the Students of the Year & Student Ambassador Scheme is an innovative and lavish idea aimed at broadening the mind of the students and promoting good relationship between the Wah Yan (H.K.) Past Students Association (PSA) and its overseas counterparts. The scheme is sponsored by the PSA. Nomination of six candidates is made every October by all Lower 6 students based on overall academic performance, demonstrable leadership quality, organisation ability and proven record of service to fellow Wahyanites, the College and the Hong Kong community. Three of the six candidates will then be nominated by members of the teaching staff and the SOY Society as "Students of the Year". Nomination results are subject to endorsement by the College Principal.

The three Students of the Year are then interviewed by a selection panel comprised of Past Presidents and key officials of the PSA for the selection of a "Student Ambassador" who will represent the PSA to visit an overseas chapter. Selection criteria are for one who is mature, sociable and devoted to his various endeavours; with good personality; loyal to the school and the PSA; and has a strong sense of belonging for Hong Kong.

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