“I have not been to North America for almost two years. The fact is I have been kept rather busy setting up and consolidating organizations engaging in promoting business ethics in the Chinese context, first in Hong Kong and then in Beijing. The association set up in Hong Kong is known as the Association for International Business Ethics (AIBE). Its web site is: http://www.aibethics.org/. Fr. Deignan is one of the advisors. Then I am also helping the Jesuits in Macau in forming a Foundation to be registered in Macau and subsequently in China. The Jesuits there known as "CASA RICCI" led by Fr. Ruiz who is now 97 old have set up centres for cured lepers and children with AIDS in 10 provinces in China. In addition, I am responsible, as a technician for CASA RICCI, for a project known as "ABCD"-- Assets Based Community Development in Yunnan where credit union study clubs and micro financing play important roles amongst the poorest of the poor in the mountain areas. I am still in close touch with the Asian Confederation of Credit Unions. The Confederation has now 59,354 credit unions/co-operatives operating in 19 Asian countries with 70,130,000 individual members. All these, plus my duties in Hong Kong have been keeping me away from North America for the past two years.” -- from Andrew So Kwok-wing