Dear Wahyanites,
Most of our Fathers are getting old and the school elevator serves to offer them easy access. However, the old elevator malfunctions frequently. WYK is planning to install a new elevator for our fathers and budget is approximately $700,000. The Jesuit Community has already agreed to pay $200,000 from their limited budget and looks to the always generous and caring benefactors and... alumni to help out with the big shortage needed.
Your generosity will help to take good care of our beloved Fathers. All donation cheques should be made payable to “Fr. Kelly Educational Fund Ltd.” and returned WYK (Please specify at the back of the cheque “Installation of the New Elevator”, your name and address) Receipte will be issued and all donations are tax deductible.
Please refer to the appeal letter for further information.
Kind regards, Wah Yan College, Kowloon Past Students' Association