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To many Wah Yan students and alumni, the grass pitch has been the most important part of their school life on the Waterloo Road Campus since 1952. On this grass field where athletic and football games are the focus of our school life, our students sweat, weep and bleed; and there are memories of joy and pain. Unfortunately, in recent years the physical conditions of the pitch have deteriorated into a largely sandy patch beyond repair. The uneven, barren pitch surface has caused many students’ injury when jogging, running and playing football. Sports development in the School has been hampered by the poor conditions of the pitch.

The School Management Committee has decided, and has received approval from the Jesuit Superior General, to convert the grass pitch into an artificial turf pitch with improved drainage, after considering its considerable advantages over maintaining the field as a natural grass pitch....

The more durable non-infill artificial turf system is preferred. This newest type of artificial turf is the most environmental-friendly among all types of artificial turfs, without infill of rubber and sand granules that need periodical replacement. Another advantage is that the need of maintenance of this turf system is minimal. The need of ecological balance in this project is not neglected. The grass field has been a desirable bird watching ground in the school. Upon completion of this project, a large area of natural grass located between the new artificial turf pitch and the basketball courts will be preserved. Besides, the existing running tracks will be improved and lengthened to facilitate athletic training. And there will be a footpath by the side of the new pitch so that students need not walk on the driveway. Support from School, Alumni and the Wah Yan One Family Foundation The Grass Pitch Conversion Project needs an estimated cost of HKD12.4 million. The School has received enthusiastic support from its alumni for this Project, especially a group (Alumni Group) that has begun lobbying for financial pledges for the project. So far, the School, the Alumni Group, and the Wah Yan One Family Foundation (a charity organization incorporated in 2004 aimed at providing financial resources for quality education in the two Wah Yan Colleges in Hong Kong) have pledged or received pledges to cover in total at least HKD8 million of the cost of the project, i.e. ~65% of the total estimated cost. What You Can Do Our Grass Pitch has been serving generations of Wah Yan students gracefully for more than 60 years. Your generous contribution will equip our School with an improved sports ground in providing high quality Jesuit education without resorting to charging high fees from students. Please fill in the attached donation form and send your cheque payable either to “Fr. Kelly Educational Fund Ltd.” or to “Wah Yan One Family Foundation Limited”. Both the Fr. Kelly Educational Fund Ltd, which is chaired by the School Supervisor Fr. Stephen Chow, SJ, and the Wah Yan One Family Foundation, will channel the raised funds to the School to subsidise this project. On behalf of future generations of Wahyanites, we thank you for your kind generosity. Yours sincerely, John K. TAN (Dr.) Principal