David Siu ('72) on Mr. Ho

Mr Anthony Ho was especially connected to my class of WYK72 boys. He became the VP when we started our formative, important and unique (in other words, the best here in HK) education journey as a teenager (the majority of my classmates were preteens). We, like most of our contemporary alumni until he left HK for Canada, have been so respectable and fond of him (and at the same time afraid of him, being the first impression of his imposing and stern demeanor cast upon a Form 1 little boy) and cherished his friendship!

The photo was taken in August 2014 in a Chinese restaurant in Toronto. It shows 3 generations: Mr Ho, myself, seated between my wife and Patrick my classmate, my two other classmates standing from the right, my younger daughter and the handsome and smart young man who's the son of a classmate (not present), also a Wahyanite and living in Toronto.

I must mention that Mr Ho organized the dinner gathering himself after I told him that I would be visiting Toronto with my family and wanted very much to meet him! We all love him and will remember him always!