Dear alumni,
We had a pleasant gathering from start to finish in LA last evening ( on the 7th day / man's birthday of the Lunar January ), sharing some great time and fancy food together.
Picture from L-R, back row: Thomas Shum, Pius Lee, Robert Chow Kam Cheong, Eric Yew, Louis Leong Chun Kit, Peter Woo Yau Tak and Donald Chan Pak Ning.
Front L-R: the better halves of Pius ' Louis' and Peter' --Debbi, Elena and Ann.
We also invited a '72 alumnus Eric Yew to join.
Louis Leong drove all the way from San Francisco to LA the day before.
Peter is going back to Hong Kong the next day; he has a furniture sales office in LA.
In the picture, only Robert Chow and I were in the same 2B class (with the late Fr Cunningham as our Form teacher), and Peter in the same 1C class; never been in any same classes with Pius, Louis nor Donald.
Thomas Shum, from Los Angeles