Another luminary from our Class '71,Wilson Pak 白偉森 of Chicago,will be in town this week. We've arranged a dim sum lunch as well a dinner party with him, and the schedules are as follows:

Dim Sum Lunch:
Wednesday July 18, 12:00pm
Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine 名門金宴
4125 Steeles Avenue East, Scarborough

Dinner Party:
Saturday July 21, 7:00pm
Ala Kitchen
Unit 18, 11 Fairburn Dr, Markham
(Back of First Markham Place on HWY 7)

Wilson, originally an engineer from McGill in Montreal, moved to the States over 20 years ago and has stayed and worked from there ever since. He is now a global expert on trains. His job has enabled him to travel all over the world (China, Russia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, etc), providing his clients with his advice, expertise and knowledge on anything and everything to do with trains. I'm sure that he has lots of interesting stories to tell about his job experiences and travel encounters. If you can make it to either or both venues, please let me or Edmond know so that we can make the proper reservations.
Thank you.