《Which team did President Trump predict to win the World Cup》

( In the interview room of the White House.)DT
J: journalist D: President Donald Trump

J: Mr President, which team do you think will win the World Cup?
D: Of course the American Team ! Don't you know my slogan? AMERICA FIRST!
J: But our national team isn't even in the last 32 !
D: You fake news! Our national team is fighting for our pride and honor there and you're discrediting them here. That's why I call you enemies of the country!
J: But they are not in the final round. You can consult yor advisors

.( Trump left the room angrily. After twenty minutes he came back with a dark face.)

D: I tuned in Fox News. Yes, our national team isn't in the finals.
J: I told you.
D: But they are loyal and should be praised. I didn't order them to win the World Cup so they're just being loyal to me. If James Comey was as loyal he wouldn't be fired!
J: Now would you please tell me which team do you think will win the World Cup?

DT PutinD: Russia of course!
J: Why?
D: They have excellent athletes! Even the ladies in my hotel room in Moscow were...
J: What?
D: My advisors told me not to talk about it.
J: Any more reasons for Russia?
D: Because Russia has a great leader, Mr Putin, a good man. He told me that, inspired by my policies, he's going to issue a travel ban today in Russia.
J: Travel ban?
D: Yes, a travel ban on citizens of 7 countries, in effect immediately. All citizens from these 7 countries will be deported from Russia today.
J: Which 7 countries?
D: Croatia, Sweden, England, Uruguay, France ,Belgium and Brazil!

( Above is fake news from CSM )