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On 02 Oct,2015, at 9:32 PM, David S. Ho wrote:







Thank you for coming out tonite. I have a great time with all of you, David and his girl friend Kiri. I hope you are too.

David discussed the 45th anniversary on Nov 4, 2016 with us, and is asking us for ideas of the kind of programs and entertainments that most alumni will likely be participating. For example, someone coming back from afar for this event may want to make it into a longer holiday and spend sometime travelling to other countries versus just staying in HK. So, the planning team would like to know how and what can be done to get more alumni to join and make it into a more enjoyable event for everyone. If you are planning to join this event next year, and have ideas of what to do, please do not hesitate to share with us.

But first all, please let the planning team know asap whenever you have decided to join. 



David S. Ho To Edmond
Oct 3 at 11:32 AM
Dear Alumni,

Really appreciate the opportunity to dine last night with everybody, especially with the presence of Ho Sir. It was a great evening of acquaintance and I hope everybody had a great time as well. The warmth was indeed overwhelming and I would like to thank for accommodating my intrusion of Toronto.

I was indeed jet lagging a bit last night and only sent a few photos to those eager alumni outside of Canada who wanted to get a first hand report on seeing Ho Sir before meeting up with Master Chou. The deep coma was refilling and I recovered well this morning for the day's activities. Again my heartiest thanks to Edmond who kindly organized the whole event.

I also alerted the alumni in the organizing team in HK the possible leverage of the mainland 統戰團. When more details are available and feasibility is confirmed we can certainly start to plan how to offer this to other alumni overseas.

As requested I would appreciate if Toronto alumni can start making some suggestions on the program for the 45th anniversary celebration next year. Hope this would stimulate responses from many others and snowball into more directions and hence more choices for everybody. Eventually we can boil these down the few elite items that will get the program going.

I am confident with so many hearts united we can make the whole program enjoyable. Let's just do it !

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Joseph Chu 
To David S. Ho
Oct 3 at 12:56 PM

I echo the sentiments expressed by David and Edmond.

I also enjoyed last evening very much and the chatting about the good old days at WYK was memorable. It was amazing to learn how much Ho Sir can still remember each and everyone of us when we were going through high school under his mentorship. Wishing him all the best in health and welcome him to join all our future activities !

With regards to the 45th anniversary celebration, I need to check my office schedule and convention times before I can make a more definitive decision. However, I agree entirely, and I sense that is the same sentiment amongst all of us at the diner last nite ,
for Canadian and US alumni travelling back to HK, an extended trip to China or South East Asia at the same time is more worth while.

I hope that Sammy, Edmond and others will come up with some proposal for the Canadian alumni to consider.

David & Kiri: Great to see both of you and enjoy your stay in Canada !


Joe Chu