Is Andrew Kam the same person as 金鬼, the guy that we used to play soccer with on the sandy field  before and after class at WYK?. I cannot tell from the dinner photo whether that was him or not, as I have not seen him for years. I never knew his real name anyway, and he got that nickname most likely because of all the phantom moves that he made on the soccer field. So I need confirmation on this. If indeed it is, then I would like to share a little anecdote with you all.  By the way, Andrew Kam Cheung Lung is another student that Mr. Ho should know very well. When I looked up the Form 5 class photos in 1969-70 from Shield50, lo and behold, Mr. Ho was the Form 5D master cum Vice Principal, with Andrew Kam sitting on his right-hand side, implying that Andrew was also the class prefect.

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