Mr. Laurence Tam writes from Hong Kong:

"Yesterday (18 Decembr 2010), I had the honour of being invited to attend the 40th Anniversary Reunion Dinner of the WYK 1970 gradudates held at our WYK School Hall.  More than 40 graduates with some of their family members attended the function.  According to the program of the Reunion, the day's event started at 4 p.m. with tea and coffee followed by a school tour.  Evening drinks were served at the School Hall balcony before dinner. 

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I arrived at WYK carpark before 6 p.m.  As I was walking towards the School Hall, I was warmly greeted by many of the 1970 grads.  I marvelled at myself that as my memory is failing me day by day at my age, how come that I still managed to recognize quite a number of them.  Looking back, I first joined WYK in the summer of 1956, leaving it in December 1971.  During my 16 years I was at WYK, the 1970 grads should be the 2nd last batch of boys I witnessed their F.5 graduation.  After all these years, time has changed their physical features, and brought to each of them a mature look with a countenance full of wisdom.  Yet, among of them, such as Lee Kam Wah, Lee Ka Chung, Lo Cheung On, Luk Chi Ming, Ng Fat Kwong, Sit Kin Ping, and many others, they surely have found the secret of keeping their youthful countenance and have maintained their features so well that I was able to recognize them even though some carried a moustache on the upper lip, as in the case of Lee Kam Wah and Ng Fat Kwong. 
Other than myself, other former teachers present included Fr Naylor, Fr Zee, Mr Leung Pui Kam, Mr Yan Sung Kee, Mr So Wai Hong and Mr Yu Poon Leung.  Fr Stephen Chow, our School Supervisor, and Dr John Tan, our Principal were among the guests, too.  I was most delighted to see my former colleague, Mr Leung Pui Kam at the party, as I have not seen him for many years, although I have heard a lot about his philanthropic endevour in raising funds for building many hospitals to meet the needs of the poor people in mainland China.  He spoke at length at the dinner on how he proceeded with this project.  His aim was to build 100 small hospitals in China!
I know alumni have expressed concern about the health condition of Fr Zee and his speech ability.  I am glad to say that at this Reunion dinner, he was in good shape and in high spirit.  He even picked up the microphone and addressed the gathering. He was able to speak quite clearly, much better than I met him last time.   Fr Naylor too was healthy and bright.  He was invited to say the evening prayer for the gathering.  He also delivered an enlightening speech near the end of the evening in response to the messages given by the graduates.

It was a very well organized reunion party with its programs full of variety and interest. Personally, I enjoyed every moment of it, especially the singing parts performed by Cheung Hon Kit, Li Kam Wah, Tsang Yip Fat, Lam Kwok Cheong and several other talented graduates. I was very much impressed by the performance of Cheung Hon Kit.  He has a voice resonant with personal creative characteristics.  He sang better than many of those so-called singers in some of the TV programs.  Alfred Lam Kwok Cheong played an excellent part as the MC of the evening.  He added liveliness and energized the atmosphere of the whole house.  The short narratives given by each of the attendants, including Fathers, teachers and alumni were spontaneous and, some, most touching.  It was an enjoyable, memorable evening full of laughter, humour with a strong sentiment of friendliness, love and care.  Perhaps the photos attached will convey the message and the atmosphere of the evening to you more vividly than words."