Ng Kam Yin of Seattle was in town.  He had not seen Bill Fok, Victor Tong and Tony Chiu for years.  He had not met Mr. Ho since the WYK days.  At a dinner on Friday, August 23, hosted by the three locals, there were happy stories about their youth days at school.  Nicknames were the threads recalling old-time friends.  There were, of course, talks on their children who are now professionals.  They sighed that there were generation gaps.  Mr. Ho reminded them that they were young and happy once.

Victor flew in from New York and went direct to dinner and left for New York immediately afterwards to attend some business the next day.  Bill would take care of Kam Yin over the weekend and send him off on Monday.  Click the image to view the dinner photos.  More photos would be uploaded after his visit.