Victor Tong, Tony Chiu with Family of Hilary Cheng         Henry Ng King Kong at dinner

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"Tony Chiu and Victor Tong will be visiting me this weekend 2013/07/20. Will round up Desmond Wong and Ng King Kong, Henry (He moved to Texas and coincidentally happened to be in town, and I ran into him outside my office last week). We will drive up to Milwaukee where Tony, Victor and I used to work during college and immerse ourselves in reminiscence. Tony and I used to be roommates in Milwaukee before he went back to HK after college. Victor and I worked at the same place but at different time, The Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee." ~Hilary
"Ng King Kong , Henry joined us for dinner the night before but not theMilwaukee trip). Pic with the five of us at dinner Sunday night. Pic with Maders Restaurant as back ground was our lunch at a pretty famous German restaurant in Milwaukee. The one with the lake view is the restaurant where Tony used to work as waiter during college time. We also visited the restaurant where Victor and I worked at which is also in Milwaukee. Tony was my room mate that summer in Milwaukee." ~Hilary

"Thanks Hilary for organizing our 48 hour program and the rest of you for traveling great distances to visit us in Chicago.  The fellowship was superb and I for one savored the opportunity to catch up on each other's personal and professional lives for the past 43 years.  The odds of this happening given the elapsed time and geographic distance involved is so ridiculously remote that I believe we had better odds to win the lottery.  I have never bought a lottery ticket before but I think the five of us should definitely channel our collective good karma to buy some soon to see if we can monetize on our collective good fortune." ~Desmond