Alex Chiu enjoyed the dim-sum he had missed for years in Washington, DC.  On the next day, July 5, he was at dinner with David Tse who had just arrived from Sydney via Hong Kong in late afternoon.  Both have been practising Kung Fu since their Wah Yan days.  Alex was the founder of the Karate Club at school.  From Karate he went on to obtain a tae kwon do black belt.  More recently, he has returned to Tai Chi, an art he started at the age of nine.  He enjoys Tai Chi sword play and David, Kendo (日本劍道).
However, they were no match to Ron Tse when three of them were active members of the Fencing Club because Ron was standing much taller!.

At dinner, David entertained the group with another Qi Gong performance.  With a bank note, he broke a chopstick into pieces.  Click the image to view the album.  To view the video demonstrations, please click (1) and (2).