David Tse Kwok-Shuen (67), an IT expert who happily retires in Sydney, was visiting in the New Year.  Since graduation, he took up Taoist Kung Fu and Chi Gung and has been practicing this martial art all these years.  Relaxing in his chair at least 5 ft away from the table, he pointed his right index finger at a standing bi-fold paper menu for two seconds or so.  Nothing happened.  Then, after 2 seconds, the bi-fold paper fell on its back!  The demonstration was performed twice, both successfully.  David’s recent interest is in Kendo (日本劍道).

With a bank note, he broke a chopstick into pieces.  Click the image to view the album.  To view the video demonstrations, please click (1) and (2).

[It has been known that some wahyanites are great Kung Fu masters.  We would be pleased to have updates of their interests.]