GTA Local WYK 1967 Class Mini 50th Anniversary Reunion Dinner - Daniel Ho ('67)  

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For the worldwide WYK alumni of the 1967 class, the 50th anniversary reunion celebrations (7-day events) had occurred in Hong Kong during the early part of November of 2017.  Prior to that, an idea was generated as a result of brain-storming among a few 1967 class schoolmates ----- it would be nice or desirable to organize a much smaller scale golden anniversary reunion dinner (before the end of 2017) for the 1967 class “old” boys who reside in the Greater Toronto Area or vicinity.  (The adjective “old” may have a number of connotations ----- alumni; mature; wiser; physically going downhill; ……..)

Finally, the preliminary idea did turn out to be a reality, and a GTA local reunion dinner was held in the evening of Dec 27, 2017 at the dining room of the Markham Mon Sheong Court.  About twenty people attended the event.  We were honored to have among us the incumbent President of WYKAAO, the “official” photographer/board member of WYKAAO and some spouses of WYK alumni.  The President of Mon Sheong Corporation was instrumental in securing the venue and ensuring good services of the dining provider.  It would not be a WYK party in GTA without the presence of our much respected Mr Anthony Ho and Ms Gertrude Chan.  Participants came as far as Mississauga and Ottawa.
Everyone at the banquet dinner enjoyed the reunion.  It was an occasion for old acquaintances to get re-connected and for some former schoolmates who were not familiar with each other way back in school to become “new” friends.  Two PowerPoint slide shows, which were well prepared by a WYKAAO board member and also one of the HK reunion Organizing Committee Members, were shown before and during dinner time.  The slide show aroused fond old memories.
A few more schoolmates would have shown up if they were not struck by the flu bug.  Our honourable photographer Andrew Tang ('65) did capture the event in memorable photographs in digital form.  Please click here to view the photo album.