Our deepest condolences to his wife and son. 

Anthoy Yan (甄棟荣) attended WYK from 1962~1969.  He was a family physician in Australia and retired a few years ago.
He passed away Tuesday, April 18, of a sudden heart failure at his home in Sydney, Auatralia. Funeral is tentatively set for next Thursday, April 27.

[Dear Louis, It is with a heavy heart and deeply sad to inform you that on the day you rang, ambulance was attending to Anthony.Anthony passed away that evening very unexpectedly! ~ Lily]

[....Anthony was a great father, husband and son.  He was my best buddy at Wah Yan.  He was the smartest kid amongst us, the hardest school subjects just seemed to come to him easily - I am sure he worked very hard, but he partied hard as well. Anthony was not only my best buddy, he was my role model growing up in Hong Kong.  I have always looked up to him.  I never knew he grew up without the presence of his father and was raised by his mom until last year when he disclosed that to me when Stacy and I visited Sydney in January 2016. Please let us know about the funeral arrangements. With deep sorrow. ~ Louis余蔚琪]