One of the highlights of this recent trip to HKG was my homecoming visit of the WYK campus.  Riding the new elevator to go upstairs to the Fathers’ Quarters turned out to be a treat. Viewing from high grounds, the man-made grass football field glowed with green grandiose.  Since I graduated, several flights of structures had been added onto the wing that housed the canteen.   In 1967, I recall paying 75 cents for a bowl of Ngau Nam Fun.  Two weeks ago, I paid $30 for a lunch box containing BBQ Duck Breast and Rice.  That’s classy!
It being Photo Day and a warm, bright morning, even Fr. Harold Naylor came out of hibernation to sit with me in the sun for a cheerful chat.  Fr. George  Zee was busy as ever but still managed to run quietly to his appointments as he’d lost his voice.  Whereas Fr. Stephen Chow had apparently borrowed some of my gray hair ever since he had assumed administrative duties of the two Wah Yans.  It was not that long ago when the latter had stayed in my humble home as a house guest.  Time flies.
Meeting my old classmates for dinner turned out to be great fun.  Many of my buddies and I grew up in F5A Arts, F6 Arts (of which I was Class Prefect) and F7 Arts together under the direct supervision of the late Mr. Francis Kong.  The experience was unique.  I am earnestly looking forward to attending our 50th Graduation Reunion in November this year.
Returning home on a ten and a half hour flight seemed like a breeze.  The unusual cold winter at YVR brought me back to reality.  My wife, who picked me up from the airport, asked me what I would like for dinner.  Still thinking of my favourite teacher, I replied: “An apple, please.”

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