(With Fr. Naylor)                                            (With Fr. Zee)
Larry Yip (67) reports,

"I went to visit WYK campus on Valentine's Day.  It happened to be Photo Day and I got to meet all the administrative and teaching staff without having to make an appointment in advance.   It was a beautiful morning.  With the aid of a maid and a walker, Fr Naylor came downstairs to have a cherrful chat with me, sitting in the sunshine, fragile and weak as he might be.  Fifty years had swiftly gone by while agile teen-boys of 1967 had turned into mature senior-citizens.                
Suddenly, a metal sign attached to a bench caught my eyes: IN MEMORY OF MR FRANCIS KONG.  "Prefect", I shouted to a laddie, "come take a picture for me, please".  He did."

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