Faces,Places: Toronto 2015 reunion

Since leaving WYK in 1967 a few souls seemed to have disappeared into thin air. There have been no reported sighting by radar or sonar. So when I heard that some might show up at the mini reunion at Toronto I was eager to see what they have morphed into.

The top target is Tsang Leung, our wonder boy. What do you know he has not changed that much. The quiet and smiling kid has become the laughing and talking Pro(fessor). I had a peep at his resume. He even mentions graduating from WYK in Hong Kong. Relax Mr. Ho, he remembers (us). 


Ho Kin Ha: He certainly looks more mature than WYK days but hasn't changed a bit his gentleman ways. There have been some complains that current WYK students are not what they used to be. Somehow we should show them what the classic model is like. I think he looks 83% like 鄒文懷. How will he look by the grand reunion in couple of years?

Hui Zi leung ( ah Zee): I certainly could not recognize the face on the street. The healthy sun tanned complexion from running around the soccer field is now replaced by creamy white like in movies. Well he had taught a number of years at Maryknoll and chalk powder might have had some effect. Hey, the girls' powder power too! smile emoticon

Horace Lam: The most distinctive image that caught my eyes at the lunch table. With a shock of silver hair he seems to be a hero character from Japanese comic books. While serving as our guide around Ottawa and Quebec city I observed his other qualities that command respect and not to be messed with: he walks like kungfu panda and drives like Jackie Chan.

Patrick Chan: The one face I can readily recognize. His energy level has not changed much too. He was supposed to play a soccer game the next day but only derailed by rain. I am sure he can still kick the ball, and some ass too mind you.

Ng Zhou Nok: He has changed from a few years ago - he looks younger! But his vocal ability is still the same and his lecture lasts from one to four hours. Be sure to turn off your cell phone. Jon Kahn: Something I found out about him this time - he is very fit and probably 1/2 lb heavier than he was in 1967. Any one interested should hit him up for the secret recipe.

Peter Shum: No change from few years back except he seems to be into photography and happy. I suppose the good wife has something to do with it too.

Mr. Ho: getting more energetic by the year and manages the Toronto WYK site. I always wonder how he remembers all the names of past students - 120 per year for N years ?

The rest of the folks that we have met a few years back are all looking fine and holding their own. Keep it up the grand reunion is only two years away!