Lucas Wun

Lucas Wun 雲漢燊 (’66) received the W.I.S.E award from Mr. Eric Rosendoh and Ms Brandy Payne, both Members of the Alberta Legislature. Click here to see more pictures.

“Good news! Share my joy for I was awarded the 2019 W.I.S.E. Award by the WISE Foundation under the Ministry of Environment and Parks, Government of Alberta on 2/09/2019.
The Award is presented to one who excels in conservation education and wildlife management efforts in Alberta. It is also regarded as an “OSCAR” among Alberta hunters. I was nominated by the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association as the first Chinese instructor in Alberta to receive the Award because I have taught some 2000 students in firearms safety course and 1000 in conservation education for the past 16 years. I also mentored several hundred students in their first hunts for free.
I consider this award as the pinnacle of my 49 years of hunting career. It proves that sport hunting in Alberta is no longer a monopoly of white Canadians. Chinese immigrants (Hong Kong, China, Taiwan alike) who cannot enjoy shooting/hunting in their motherlands due to suppressive government controls can now enjoy the same sport as any other Albertans. At the same time, it shows we Chinese are able to make a difference, contribute to wildlife management and conservation efforts in this province too.”

~ Lucas Wun