Class of 1965 Form 5A

Some photos with James from the past class activities:!Aoa5_o0k1HjuyUsD6S7SKvo1scEn!Aoa5_o0k1HjuyX0x4UC22Xaom55j!Aoa5_o0k1Hjuyi4A3ImqRaxtQ_4p

《記「御婚」的演出》 湯維強

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《華仁學報~創刊號》from 宋恩榮('65)

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《音樂晚會前後》from 宋恩榮('65)

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《從馬尼拉看「香港人」》 湯維強

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《View on Current Pandemic》 James Tong

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《Celebration of Life》 by C.K. Chan (’65)

James’ favorite song from YK rang a resonance. Other James’ friends and colleagues have written poems and articles in regard to James. Here comes the “Last Night a Nightingale Woke Me”

For some reason, this song came up in my mind from the school days in Wah Yan. I could recall the lyrics almost completely. Do you all remember singing this song in music class? I found the lyrics on the Internet -

Last night the nightingale woke me, Last night when all was still; It sang in the golden moonlight >From out the woodland hill. I opened my window so gently, I looked on the morning dew, And oh, the bird, my darling, was singing, Singing sweet songs of you. I think of you in the daytime, I dream of you by night; I wake and wish you were here, dear, And tears are blinding my sight. I hear low whispers in the pine trees, A-floating through and through, And oh the wind, my darling, is sighing, Oh sighing for you, for you. The stream, the night, the woods a-flowing, The stars above the blue, All heaven itself, my darling, is dreaming, Dreaming and praying for you. Just dreaming of you, sweetheart!

Stephen Lee

Another one on “How I not keep thinking of him 教我如何不想他”

刘半农词 趙元任曲

and this one is more correctly sung - in “不想“,the 不should be half the time of 想。


《友誼不變、明天共創》compiled by Stephen Lee ('65)

For fond memories of mini reunions more than 13 years ago, I have found the following four Youtube videos. They feature piano playing by Jimmy Chan and lyrics by Raymond Lee. Enjoy and reminisce!

《Fr. Albert Chan S.J. (1915 – 2005)》 by James Tong

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《Eulogy for Fr. Albert Chan S.J. (1915-2005)》 by James Tong

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《Toselli for James》 by Francis Choi ('65)

James and I used to sing this song together, he did it in Chinese while I had the English part.  Other songs, especially "One Day When We Were Young", were mostly sung in unison.

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《Reincarnation House of Cards》 by Stephen Lee('65)

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《教我如何不想他》 ~ 鄧偉燊('65)

James Tong




---------劉半農 1920.9.4

趙元任唱:教我如何不想他 (1936) -

斯義桂(1915-1994) : 教我如何不想她 -


Mementos of James Tong

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《A Tribute to an Exemplar, a Scholar and a Moralist》 by Wilson Lee '65

James and Wilson

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