About the Seminar

Innovation is always a challenge. Venturing innovation in education in a cross-border and cross-cultural context can be even more challenging. After having served in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the speaker took a disruptive move to step into the unknown realm of cross-border higher education adventure of constructing the first joint venture university between Mainland China and Hong Kong. Having devoted six years in the education entrepreneurial experience, he continued to seek opportunities to help different educational institutions in the Mainland to innovate. He helped establishing a genuine liberal arts college in Shanghai, supported China Peter Drucker Academy Group to develop a new strategy of executive education with one of the outcomes being the anchoring of a major donation to Centennial College of Hong Kong University, spent one year in researching on the future education of China resulting in an education community building model based on constructive postmodernism, and recently starting to consider reform of a private university in the Mainland with 27,000 students and staff. In the rapidly changing social ecologies of Hong Kong and the Mainland, especially with the complex and intriguing cross-border dynamics, the speaker is taking this opportunity to reflect on his personal experience together with the audience hoping to gain some insights from the sharing and discussion.
Speaker’s Bio
Professor Edmund KWOK Siu-tong is the Chief Academic Advisor to Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai (ZHBIT) and founding president of its Honors College. The Institute has an undergraduate enrollment of 26,000 students, one of the leading private universities in Southern China.
After his undergraduate studies at New Asia College, CUHK, he was awarded a Harvard-Yenching Fellowship to finish his doctorate studies at University of California, Berkeley with a double major in modern European and Chinese intellectual history.
Since 1977, he taught comparative modern European and Chinese history at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and published 27 books while he also served as Director of General Education, Dean of Faculty of Arts and University Dean of Students. 
In 2005, he joined Hong Kong Baptist University to set up the first joint venture university between Hong Kong and the Mainland in Zhuhai, serving as the founding Executive Vice-President for Beijing Normal University—Hong Kong Baptist University United International College. His services were highly assessed by the Chronicle of Higher Education and later in 2011, Augsburg College of Minnesota conferred an honorary doctorate degree of humanities on him, first in its 142 years of history to a Chinese academic, in recognition of his contribution in the promotion of liberal arts education in China.
In 2013, as its founding president, he helped Xing Wei College in Shanghai to have successfully applied to become a full scale liberal arts college in Mainland China.
In 2014, he served as the Vice-chairman of Peter Drucker Academy Group (China) during which he also helped Centennial College to set up its school of management and its curriculum of management as a liberal art.
In 2015 he also advised Gratia College in HK and Wuhan College in the Mainland in designing their general education programs.
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