Dear all,

Since it was decided that we should have a 蛇年開年 dinner and having learned beforehand that David Koo's just had his Birthday not too long ago in Feb, I thought it might be a good idea to give him a surprise Birthday Party on the night. Thanks to Michael Leung & Ho Pak Lee, my co-conspirators, my plans were executed smoothly without hitches with last minute assistance provided by Ms Redy Ying, David's PA whom we've also invited to thank her for her most excellent assistance during our Reunion.

We managed to keep it a complete secret until dessert time when the birthday cake was wheeled in and the scroll so magnificently written by Master Ho was brought in for all to sign and present to the Birthday boy. The result was a most tremendous and memorable evening enjoyed by all, especially one David Koo (Please click the image to view the album).

Let David express it in his own words :-


"My dear Classmates,

Thank you so much for given me a surprise party and celebrating my birthday with me. This expression of friendship and thoughtfulness really overwhelmed me. I am short for words to express my gratitude and emotion.
This certainly is the best and most memorable birthday I have ever had. Thank you my friends.
A special thanks to Michael for his generosity and most considerate arrangements and thank you Alex for being loud mouth again. Last but not least, Pak Lee for your precious momento , I shall treasure it dearly.
Good health and happiness to everyone.
Warmest regards,

Here's wishing all of you a most prosperous, healthy and happy year of the Snake !!!

Best regards,