Dear all, 

This is to report that at last, the 65 Reunion DVDs sets (+ souvenir gifts) we prepared have all been distributed - barring only two still in my possession for delivery in person soon. The rest have gone around the world via various means, from human courier (e.g. to Vancouver) to Post Office Speed-post etc. 

For those who did not receive any copies, the reasons are several :-

1) You've successfully downloaded from our web storage,
2) You received copies via other avenues (e.g. Toronto alumni's),
3) You failed to respond to my call for addresses,
4) You have never once responded to any of my emails regarding the Reunion from inception.

To close the chapter properly, the principle actors involved in this last scene should be mentioned:-

1) Michael Leung 梁啟雄 who sponsored the cost of the two professional photog's at the Gala Dinner - one video and one still and the cost of making the 65 DVD sets. Needless to say, Days 2 and 3 will not happen if not for his generous sponsorship and special arrangements. Thank you, Michael!
2) David Koo 顧建舟 who sponsored the costs of mailing + the manpower in the form of his P.A. - Ms Redy Ying to help with the actual clerical and logistical work involved throughout the whole Reunion - not just mailing the DVDs. I think David's sponsorship throughout the whole event cannot be over-emphasized.
3) LY Poon 潘禮讓 + Stephen Lee 李自明 - our hard working resident photog's who took all the photos during the first 3 days where there were no professionals in tow. Poon also sorted out the whole collection and stored them all on a USB drive before handing over to the pros to make the DVD.
4) Others - Anthony Ho Sir, Albert Young 楊懷週, Leung Pak-kin梁柏堅 and York Chen 陳若龍 have all been extremely helpful in this final project to whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude - thank you.
5) As usual, my fingers are in this pie as well, making sure that everything got totally messed up - ha ha!
6) Last but not least, our Hon. Chairman - Victor Young 楊應週 - cast big brother's eyes over everything plus setting up and making sure the web storage works properly - well done and many thanks, Chairman! 

Now, it's curtain call and I think the whole Committee should all take a final bow for the 50th Anniversary Reunion!!!  Do I hear shouts of encore, encore? If so, next one in 5 years? OK by me ! 

Finally, may I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone of you, your loved ones and families a most Healthy, Happy and Successfully prosperous New Year of the Serpent to come !!! Kung Hei Fat Choy ! 

All the best,