Bob Shen writes, "Now I understand why they chose the University of San Francisco to host this 15th International Conference for Wah Yan.

The Ricci Institute is there, documenting Matteo Ricci  (Jesuits' visit to China), his research, dedication and contribution to China. There are over 85,000 books in his library there. Ricci even helped translated Euclid Geometry into Chinese so the Chinese can gain knowledge of this among many things.
They've decided to hold the next Wah Yan International Conference in Hong Kong for HK Wah Yan's 100th year anniversary in 2019. So Alex, you must start exercising and get healthy.
Ambrose Leung (organizer) and company did a great job.
To Peter and Linda Sien:
Thank you Peter and Linda for entertaining us in your home.
It was so wonderful that our own class can get together for four hours before going to your dinner.
Linda worked tirelessly to serve drinks and food (including preparations) throughout the afternoon to make us feel welcomed and entertained. Thanks to Betty Lau too for helping throughout and thanks to others too.
Thanks to Peter and Linda for hosting the dinner at Koi Palace (Click here to see more pictures). And what a dinner it was, wow. Just couldn't have a better time."
David Koo writes, "Dear Peter, Joe et al,
I have safely arrived in Singapore and hasten to thank all my friends at SF area for your kindness, warmth and hospitality. It is also great to meet other Class mates and the long lost friend Julian. It has been a memorable and delightful weekend. 
Thank you Peter and Linda for hosting drink and desserts at your home, excellent views to see the planes take off and landing at SF International Airport. 
Thank you Joe and Peter for hosting a sumptuous and most delicious dinner at Koi Palace. 
Thank you Jacob for driving all the way from Stanford area so you can join the reunion. 
I think we should all be proud for our strong bond and friendship. 
Hope we all can meet again soon. 
Stay Happy and healthy. 
Thank you all. 
Best regards,