"There are 10 photos taken during our April gathering lunch yesterday. 

The following made the event a bit more noteworthy : 

1) We welcomed Chris Liang Kit (CA, USA) who took the trouble to join us from Macau where he is presently doing his bi-annual voluntary work teaching English to nuns working at Caritas ! 

2) We used the joyful occasion to wish Happy Birthdays to our two classmates - Francis Ip and Cedric Lam - who have birthdays on the same day in April ! Happy Birthdays both, with many returns of the day ! Good health and God bless ! 

Needless to say, we took the opportunity to enjoy to the full this and every meeting of over half-a-century-old-friends, especially after recent events !  

Take care and all the best, 


P.S. Silas Yeung was late and unfortunately not captured in any photos !"

Please click the picture to view the album.