It has been more than 50 long years since John Chan Doming from Hong Kong met some of his classmates in Toronto.  During his very short stay, he and his wife, Jan, managed to find time to have dinner with the group on Thursday, July 22, 2010, the night before he left for Hong Kong via the States.

Looking back, the School Swimming Champion in 1960 found himself having studied 2 full years in Primary 6 in other schools before joining P6 at Wah Yan.  Another proudly announced that he had the fortune of repeating three years before graduating from Form 5 in 62 and then moving onto McGill.  Another record was set in the 50’s in Form 3D when 8 students had to repeat another year with the same Form-master, Father Mallin.  Repeating was not unusual at Wah Yan in those years.  Interestingly enough, many repeaters enjoyed their extra time at school.

Now that many are professionals, practicing or retired, anecdotes of their work were happily shared.  Time flew by.  They discussed their 50th Anniversary reunion in Hong Kong next year.  Preparation has already been under way.  Parting, they said, “See you at reunion.”

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