Our beloved Cheetah-brother, Joe ('59), passed on during our reunion cruise in N.E. Canada.
He was with his wife, Livia and twelve of his best friends.

The Joe I Know

I have known Joe for over seventy years, and I am blessed to have been his God-uncle, fellow Knights of the Blessed Sacrament, school-mate (in more than one school), friend, team-mate and Cheetah-brother.

He was the second child of my God-brother (Mr. Li Kan李根) and has a younger brother (Mr. John Li, 李國銘, who is living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada).

In his younger days, he was was known as the little Dragon on Pitt Street (碧街,九龍), excelling in every game and activity: Chinese Chess象棋, shuttlecock毯 and many more.

He went to Pui Ching before entering Wah Yan College, and he did well academically as well as in the sports, as he was known as Ho Ying Fun何應芬, the famous soccer/football player in the 40's and 50's in H.K., leading the Wah Yan Team to many championships.

After teaching for a couple of years, he went to the U.S. as a 苦學生, and the rest is history.

Professor Li was well regarded and contributed so much to his field that he was not allowed to retire.

He was a winner throughout; the seven consecutive wins convinced us all!

Joseph, as 契媽 said: 你真係冇得頂!

We admire you.

We respect you.

We love you.
May your rest in peace.